Nisargnaad Offbeat: Offbeat Trails in Maharashtra with Giripremi Adventure Foundation

Giripremi Adventure Foundation is excited to present Nisargnaad Offbeat, a new program designed for experienced trekkers seeking to explore Maharashtra’s hidden gems. This program focuses on carefully curated offbeat and endurance trails that showcase the state’s diverse landscapes, rich biodiversity, and unique cultural heritage.

Why Nisargnaad Offbeat?

  1. Explore the Unexplored: Go beyond the mainstream trails and discover the hidden beauty of Maharashtra’s mountains, forests, and valleys.
  2. Challenge Yourself: The program targets offbeat trails designed for endurance and a deeper connection with nature.
  3. Immerse in Nature: Witness Maharashtra’s incredible biodiversity, from its lush forests and cascading waterfalls to its vibrant birdlife and unique flora.
  4. Unwind and Connect: Disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with nature in the serenity of the mountains.
  5. Experience Local Culture: Interact with local communities, learn about their traditions, and gain a deeper appreciation for Maharashtra’s rich heritage.
  6. Elevate Your Skills: Learn from the Best – Trek alongside experienced Giripremi Adventure Foundation (GAF) mountaineers who possess a wealth of knowledge about navigating offbeat trails.
  7. Gain valuable hands-on experience in essential techniques like rope handling, proper use of trekking gear, and advanced navigation in challenging terrain.

Participation Conditions:

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants, Nisargnaad Offbeat has the following conditions:

  1. Fitness Level: You should be able to comfortably complete the Sinhagad Hike within 45 minutes. This demonstrates a sufficient level of endurance for our challenging trails. The fitness criterion is also subject to regular fitness training by the members.
  2. Prior Trekking Experience: Experience on moderate to challenging trails is mandatory. This ensures your ability to navigate uneven terrain, handle varying weather conditions, and participate safely in group treks.
  3. Nisargnaad Membership: An active yearly membership with Nisargnaad is required. This membership signifies your commitment to responsible trekking practices, conservation efforts, and supporting the program’s goals.

Program Structure:

  1. The specific details of each Nisargnaad Offbeat program will be revealed upon registration due to the nature of offbeat trails.
  2. Groups will be led by experienced and certified GAF Instructors who are passionate about Maharashtra’s natural beauty and heritage.
  3. Accommodation will be in comfortable raw surfaces depending on the location.
  4. The program will also try to inculcate informative sessions on the local environment, history, and culture.
  5. The programme and treks will be designed in a structure such that all the activities will be performed collectively by the team. These activities include cooking, setting up tents, carrying load, etc

Contact Us:
For more information about the program, membership details, and registration inquiries, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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Contact us on: 8806600221 / 9403120669


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Upon analyzing fitness criterion and necessary requirements of this program, our team will contact you and share invite to our Nisargnaad offbeat group.

Upcoming Offbeat treks of Nisargnaad will be updated soon.