Giripremi Adventure Foundation known as GAF is the brainchild of Giripremi, one of the pioneering mountaineering organizations in India.

GAF is the most experienced community of mountaineers in the country which leads the treks to the Himalayas and Sahyadris. 

GAF is backed by 12 Everest Summiteers and 50+ skilled mountaineers who have been to the summit of high altitude peaks in the Himalayas. A team of explorers and adventure experts help GAF round the clock to prepare adventure tours that are filled with mesmerizing experiences and adventure.   

GAF aims to provide a safe adventure environment to enthusiasts with the help of intensely curated treks, expeditions, and sessions. Trek with us in the magnificent Himalayas and serene Sahyadris and indulge in adventure and nature like never before.

Board of Directors of Giripremi Adventure Foundation:

Ushaprabha Page , Director

Ajit Tate , Director

Sachin Gadgil , Director